Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Feature Alert - Beat Box Ahoy

If you look on out the right hand side of traveling OpenSebJ train you can see a preview of the latest and greatest feature to join the already well prepared feature set - a beat box. Yes finally the simplest and yet one of the most creatively powerful tools for the modern day samplig man (or lady) has joined the ranks of the sampling, sequencing creation otherwise commonly known as OpenSebJ. As you can see from the lovely screen shot it is a basic yet clean interface, like a cool night breeze on a sea side coastal city some where south of Hobart. Yes the graceful tool can all be yours if you lay down 0 dollars - you heard right nothing, nada, zero, zilch and that's right there's also nothing to pay latter - you even get access to use the source code as you like!

If you want to hear what the above screen shot sounded like - grab it here