Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Wave Graph - Thanks to Corinna John

This quality audio graph is brought to you with thanks from the help of Corinna John ( This has been implemented as a user control and will be part of the 0.07 Alpha Release.

The code base issue which have been hampering the next release have been fianlised now and as such 0.07 should be coming soon.

In other news - a 0.06a version of OpenSebJ has been released, this only contained updates to the install package to force checks for the pre-requisites before allowing the installation to continue. This will hopefully clear up any issues you may have had when not having the correct dependencies installed (I've seen some comments in the installers for NASA's World Wind referring to it as DX_HELL - I haven't said it yet but I'm not sure how far I am away from that ;-)

Any way keep the feature requests and bug reports coming in.