Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Passed 10,000 Downloads - Still on Beta 0.1 (for the moment)

Passed the 10,000 download mark for OpenSebJ today, even though there hasn't been a subsequent release since the 0.1 Beta version (although it is coming soon ;-) - The next version will have a few bug fixes and a some requested changes will be implemented as well but the fun is still just beginning.

I've been looking in to the 3d side to MDX (Managed DirectX) recently and for the next Beta release I am hoping to introduce a VJ aspect to OpenSebJ. Currently I have limited the scope to being able to play images and videos in the same fashion and/or at the same time samples are playing to add a visual element to the production without a whole separate suite of management tools. I.e. You will be able to assign an image to a key and trigger its display each time the key is pressed (hopefully this will eventually cover video but no promises for the next beta version).

Always open to feedback, so let me know what you think and what you would like to see.


Computer Vision & CG with MDX: Requested: Video texture in MDX

Computer Vision & CG with MDX: Requested: Video texture in MDX

If you want to do anything more with Managed DirectX and Video files than load them and press play - you need to have a look at this post.

Why this process isn't simpler in MDX still amazes me.