Monday, May 01, 2006

OpenSebJ 0.07 Released!

Changelog Below:

New Functionality::

Beat Box:

+ A beat box has been added. Standard type of functions, adjustment to
the BPM, On-Off initialisation interface for each sample channel.
Currently only supports the first 5 samples.
+ Calculate the ticks per second required for the selected BPM
+ Select a BMP. Tick = 6000 / BPM.
+ Each tick advances the position of the ticker by one & then plays
the appropriate sample(s)

Wave Graph:

+ Graphing samples on screen has been made possible thanks to the sample
code provided by Corinna John ( ).

Bug Fixes::


+ System.Exception something has now been fixed when tyring to fast
forward, reverse and all of the other scratch features. This was bug
was introduced with the frequency modulation and how now been resolved.
+ Now have access to all of the loaded samples (previously restricted to
all except the last loaded sample).