Thursday, September 06, 2007

vScaleNotes Finaly Released

Sporting a full complement of Grand Piano Audio Samples, this high fidelity release brings the orchestra sound to a PC near you. Although Alpha and highly unpolished or finished this release lives the Open Source mantra of release early - even if it misses the release often bit - the important thing is that its out there and ready for your composing pleaser and kind words of encouragement (or give me some stick if you so please). Any way it mostly works, Sharp keys haven't been mapped to the keyboard and you can't change the layout yet but the piano is playing.
Feedback please.


Interview on Laptop Rockers

Laptop Rockers helped celebrate the OpenSebJ download success, breaking 110K downloads, in an interview this week. Covering such topics as my nick names to choices in licensing and sporting a very fashionable photo this is worth a read if your looking in to a little more insight or background in to OpenSebJ - The Open Source, GPL, Audio Music Mixing program and the drivers behind its writing and release.


Crystal Castles

If you have not had this pleasurable assault reach your ears yet, then I regret to inform you that you may have been missing out on the coolest new 8 bit sound in years. Alice and her practicing may have brought her an eye that she could show in the most depressing circumstances yet these two bring the sound that I have been yearning for all of these years. Crystal Castles, - Ethin and Alice, are an amazing line up and I can only hope that they thrash out in the land of OZ some time soon and release a CD without a limited number available. Perhaps some one could convince them to do a mix with OpenSebJ? Please.