Monday, December 27, 2010

Fierce Game Hunting - Published

After a few disagreements between myself and the Back Button, we have resolved any differences and have since had Fierce Game Hunting successfully approved. It’s not currently showing up in the Marketplace search yet (Apparently it can take up to 48 hours after it has been published to become visible) but nether the less, for those of you looking to try it out you can reach it through the following deep link:

When I tried this through the desktop version of Zune, with the phone connected, I wasn’t able to download the application to my phone but if you email the link to yourself and open it up on the phone, the Marketplace page on the phone works and you can download it and play the trial straight away.

I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who provided help, support, advise, guidance, encouragement, influence etc. along the way.
A big shout out to the local Microsoft team, MVP’s & honourable mentions including:

Dave Glover – Australia’s heart of Windows Phone 7 & Development

Nick Randolph – Great local MVP with excellent knowledge of Windows Phone

Glenn Wilson – Mr AU XNA himself, brilliant level of enthusiasm and encouragement

Chris Walsh – Not sure why he’s not an MVP yet :-)

Christian Longstaff – Great local community support and development

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Live Writer, Blogging and CodePlex

I've started maintaining the documentation wiki for NAudio, rather than posting tutorials on my blog (I may do some more so if there are requests please email me) but I think centralizing the documentation that is available for NAudio is a really worthwhile cause.

Through this process I found out that you can use Live Writer to maintain the documentation on CodePlex (cool) and then found this plugin to allow posting from Visual Studio - (even cooler).

So, if you are maintaining a blog with code, or documentation on CodePlex (or both) then you should check out the combination.